April 26, 2018

Emerging author, Scott Dutton, publishes his first book, Of Knights, Trains, and Cats, a collection of dramatic and intriguing short stories about love and freedom.

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Set in a fantasy world and on modern-day Earth, the new e-book, Of Knights, Trains, and Cats, is a collection of fantasy/adventure stories by debut author Scott Dutton. Of Knights, Trains, and Cats is available on Smashwords.com in all popular book formats for $0.99.

"The Knighting Ceremony" is a fantasy story about teenage Mathilda fighting to end a curse on a castle. This story is inspired by Scott’s love for fantasy and adventure.
"Eight and Sand" is a story of pharmacist Mari who enters witness protection and unfamiliar territory.

"Love Is Worth the Chaos" is a story of Elene, a woman looking for a job, whose life is disrupted by the introduction of a cat.

Scott Dutton comes from a family of writers and military officers. He is a student at Full Sail University majoring in the Creative Writing for Entertainment. He expects to earn his BFA degree in 2019. He has an Associate of Arts degree from Grays Harbor Community College and an Associate degree in Information Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Scott is a member of the Air National Guard and an Eagle Scout. He has an avid interest in game design and animation and has been writing fiction informally for several years.

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Of Knights, Trains, and Cats Press Release